March 06, 2018

Take Advantage of the Current Vettec™ Cartridge Promotion!

Vettec has manufactured and distributed the highest level of equine hoof care products worldwide for more than 20 years. On our road to continuous improvement, we recently developed a new, 160ml cartridge system to ensure leak-free dispensing and help hoof care professionals increase efficiency by mitigating the need for nippers to open the cartridge.

The cartridge system includes a break-open cap, reinforced plungers and a triple-piston seal. Additionally, it works with any of the existing dispensing guns and mix tips. The break-open cap minimizes any potential damage to a cartridge, such as obliquely cutting off the tip or crushing the dual-dispensing channels, which reduces the margin for error. The cartridges are available now, and customers are already benefiting from the improved design.

“Everything is working great! There is no leaking. The tips and the dispensing gun fit the cartridge perfectly,” says Vettec customer, Jeremy. “I find that I am utilizing the amount of the material more efficiently as there is less waste when pouring pads.”

Take advantage of the current Vettec promotional offer! Right now, when customers buy six cases, or 72 tubes, of any Vettec product, they will receive a free Ultra Gun! The promotion ends June 30, 2018.