Tab Pigg began his career shoeing horses in 1983. As a Certified Journeyman Farrier, he has shod all types of horses from everyday ranch horses, to athletic event horses. He’s worked on countless therapeutic cases, gaining valuable experience and increasing his knowledge of hoof care with each case.

Tab held various positions in the Texas Professional Farriers Association and became their president in 2000. He served as an AFA examiner for 16 years and has competed in many forging and shoeing competitions. Tab has worked for Vettec as a technical specialist for the last 8 years.

Shoeing and helping horses is much more than a paycheck to Tab, knowing he has the ability to improve their quality of life, is what is most important to him.

2 Minutes with Tab Blog

Episode 4, V7 - Two Minutes With Tab - Contracted Heels

Released at - January 16, 2018
When heels are left too long on a horse, the back of the foot can become sore, resulting in contracted heels. Read More...

Episode 3, V7 - Two Minutes With Tab - Engaging the Frog

Released at - December 16, 2017
The way I choose to keep the frog engaged with the ground is by pouring a 1/2 pad. Applying a pour-in pad in the heel of the hoof helps to keep the frog engaged with the ground while keeping the toe open for traction.  Watch to see how to create this package on the hoof.  Read More...

Episode 2, V7 - Two Minutes With Tab - Corns

Released at - November 21, 2017
There are two potential causes of corns. For shod horses, the condition occurs when the foot grows over the shoe where the sole, white line and heel come together in the hoof. Corns can also develop in the feet of horses when the coffin bone pushes down on the sole. Read More...

Identifying and Treating Corns on a Horse

Released at - November 4, 2017
Proper hoof care is essential to a horse’s well-being. Without regular hoof maintenance, horses can develop conditions in their feet that cause discomfort and can require costly treatment. Read More...

Episode 1, V7 - Two Minutes With Tab - Sore After Trim

Released at - October 18, 2017
Trimming a foot should not make a horse sore.  In this video clip, I discuss trimming methods and how to avoid sore feet. Read More...

Join Vettec for a Hands-on Workshop

Released at - September 29, 2017
Vettec holds Hands-on Workshops at various locations throughout the US and Europe.  These events are free for anyone who is interested. Read More...

Putting Foot Back on a Horse

Released at - August 26, 2017
Maintaining and trimming horse hooves are essential in order to sustain optimal hoof health. Read More...

How to Manage Thin Soles with Pour-In Pad Materials

Released at - April 13, 2017
Proper trimming and awareness of a horse’s sole thickness is vital to maintaining optimal hoof health. Read More...

Environmental Factors: Ground Surfaces and How They Affect Hoof Health

Released at - March 28, 2017
The surface a horse stands on can have a considerable impact on its hoof health. Depending on trimming procedures and how active a horse is, a horse’s hooves can change and may require extra attention. Read More...

Environmental Factors: How Weather and Temperature Affect Hoof Health

Released at - February 24, 2017
Seasonal weather changes have a major effect on a horse’s hoof health. Depending on the time of year, horses’ hooves change and may require extra attention and treatment. Neglecting environmental factors can lead to sole deterioration or other harmful consequences. Read More...

Episode 10, V3 - Two Minutes With Tab - Points of a Trim

Released at - February 24, 2017
In this video, I talk about points of a trim.  What I mean when I say points of a trim is, where the coffin bone is in relation to the toe, where the widest point of the foot is in relation to the toe and the heel, and where the bars are. Read More...