Tab Pigg began his career shoeing horses in 1983. As a Certified Journeyman Farrier, he has shod all types of horses from everyday ranch horses, to athletic event horses. He’s worked on countless therapeutic cases, gaining valuable experience and increasing his knowledge of hoof care with each case.

Tab held various positions in the Texas Professional Farriers Association and became their president in 2000. He served as an AFA examiner for 16 years and has competed in many forging and shoeing competitions. Tab has worked for Vettec as a technical specialist for the last 8 years.

Shoeing and helping horses is much more than a paycheck to Tab, knowing he has the ability to improve their quality of life, is what is most important to him.

2 Minutes with Tab Blog

A Day at Canada Larga Ranch

Released at - August 25, 2012
Just moments from the beach and downtown Ventura is a beautiful, 3,500 acre equestrian wonderland called Canada Larga Ranch. The ranch has four barns, a 20x30 pipe corral, paddocks and wild pasture. Read More...

Sheared Heels Cause This Horse to be Lame

Released at - July 12, 2012
A horse can develop sheared heels when the weight of the horse is not distributed evenly over the entire surface of the hoof during the landing phase of it's stride. Read More...

"Equi-Pak transformed my horses' feet! Thank you Vettec."

Released at - June 14, 2012
 I have to thank you!  Equi-Pak has transformed my horses’ feet!! Read More...

Vettec Super Fast Lateral Extension

Released at - March 10, 2012
To give a bit of back ground on cases like this, base narrow in the hind legs is a conformation that causes a horse to stand closer at the hooves than at the origin of the legs at the hips.  Often times a heavy muscled horse will suffer from this disability. Read More...

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Released at - February 11, 2012
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