January 18, 2018

Learning the Cartridge Basics

When hoof care professionals invest in Vettec products, it’s important to follow usage guidelines to ensure product is applied correctly, avoid costly errors and maintain the life of the product. To achieve optimal results when applying pour-in pad materials, it’s important to consider these tips when preparing your cartridges:

  • Remove the outer cap from the cartridge. Keep the cap to apply after application.
  • Open the cartridge by pushing the tip down on a firm surface. Pull up on the cartridge and then backwards to remove the tip.
  • Insert cartridge into the dispensing gun with label side up.
  • Squeeze out a small amount to ensure both sides dispense evenly.
  • Attach a mixing tip by pressing the tip to the gun and twisting clockwise.
  • Apply the pour-in pad material to the hoof cavity.


When finished, maintain pressure on the lever of the dispensing gun. Remove the mixing tip, release the pressure from the lever, and apply the cap. Dealers can supply extra caps if needed.

To keep pour-in pad materials in good condition, cartridges should be stored properly:

  • Do not leave mixing tip on the cartridge when storing. Apply a cap to maintain the condition of the cartridge.
  • Again, it is crucial to release the pressure from the lever of the dispensing gun after the cap is applied, but before storing.

Vettec products work best when the temperature of the material is between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit. The outside ambient temperature is not as critical as the temperature of the material itself.

Vettec’s new cartridge works with any Vettec dispensing guns and mix tips. The new design ensures leak-free dispensing and does not require nippers to open the cartridge, which reduces the margin for error. Features of the cartridge include:

  • 160cc dual cylinder cartridge
  • Triple seal piston
  • Break-open cap