Future Farriers Foundation

Vettec's commitment to education

As part of its ongoing commitment to education, Vettec hosts complimentary hands-on workshop for hoof care professionals who are interested in learning how to master Vettec applications. Vettec is taking its passion for education to a whole new level by introducing these educational opportunities to students at horseshoeing schools around the country.

These workshops provide students with hands-on hoof care training from industry experts. Along with the hands-on training, Vettec is introducing a program, Future Farriers Foundation, for all farrier school graduates. This foundation allows graduates an opportunity to receive a complimentary Vettec Starter Kit to aid in the success of their new career. Starter Kits include:

  • One tube of Super Fast
  • One tube of Equi-Pak
  • One Large Dispensing Gun
  • One bag of Mixing Tips 

To be eligible for the Future Farriers Foundation Kit, graduates must complete the form below and submit a copy of their graduation certificate.*

*Graduates must have completed their program within the last 12 months.