• Diamond Foam Boards

Foam Boards - Adhesive




ITEM NO.: 46015


  • Easy to apply
  • Seals and supports Vettec products until set
  • Recesses material from ground level for traction
  • Evenly distributes material over surface. No material ends up as a
    "high" point to create sole pressure.
  • Reduces the time holding the hoof up
  • Easy to remove


Just a quick thanks for making wonderful products! We live in No. California on a ranch. A lot of this area is laden with rock, mostly volcanic. Working a horse on this type of ground can make them very foot sore. Using traditional pads was ok, but the cavity tended to pack full of debris & cause problems. Using a silicone material to fill the cavity didn't work any better. We started searching for a solution. I had used your products on a barefoot horse that had foundered & I was rehabbing before I moved to this location and really liked them. So I suggested we try the Equi-Pak. While it did help some, the lava rock literally chewed it out of the hoof. I suggested the Sole Guard and HALLELUJAH we have a winner! After shoeing, we cleaned the foot with denatured alcohol & let dry thoroughly. Then we applied the Equi-Pak CS to the frog areas and then filled to the shoe with Sole Guard. Held it up for a minute, applied a foam board & let stand for 5 minutes. This combination has kept out water (we ride through creeks / rivers / irrigated meadows/muck/mud) and stayed in for 8 weeks! Thanks Vettec for a product that works & lasts in really rough country & keeps our horses sound!
Karyn S