Feel free to contact us by phone or email if you have a question, request, comment or would like to submit a user story about using Vettec products.

VETTEC United States


F: 805.488.2266
E-mail: info@vettec.com or fill out form below

Vettec Europe

P:+41 91 6100505

E-mail: info@vettec.net

For Tech Support:

Jessica Williams, Marketing Project Manager

P: 805.775.7352

Email: jwilliams@vettec.com

Larkin Greene, Western Regional Manager

P: 916.705.8380

Email: lgreene@vettec.com

Tab Pigg, Central Regional Manager

P: 817.475.8198

Email: tpigg@vettec.com

Lynne Myers, Southeast Regional Manager

P: 770.313.4007

Email: lmyers@vettec.com

Kris Kibbey, Northeast Regional Manager

P: 717.468.3007

Email: kkibbey@vettec.com

Brad Ingram, MidWest Regional Manager

P: 920.342.0537

Email: bradley.ingram@vettec.com

Martin Zimmer, Director of Sales, EU

P: 49.152.337.69088

Email: martin.zimmer@vettec.com

Michel Felten, Area Sales Manager, EU


Email: michel.felten@vettec.com