August 15, 2018

Be Mindful of Bovine Heat Stress

Temperature, humidity and the amount of direct sunlight are the primary factors that determine an animal’s body temperature. In warm temperatures, it’s critical to be cautious of heat stress in order to reduce lameness in dairy cows.  

Temperatures reaching 80 degrees Fahrenheit and above put cows at an increased risk of heat stress. During the hot weather, a cow’s natural response to heat is to stand, restricting blood flow and oxygen needed to maintain healthy hooves. As a result, cows are more prone to injuries and infectious claw lesions as they put extra pressure on their hooves.

There are different tips and techniques farmers and hoof care professionals can use on dairy cows to prevent heat stress and lameness. Some examples include:

  • Maintain regular cool off periods and keep cows inactive until temperatures decline.
  • Install sprinklers, misters and barn fans for ventilation.
  • Provide shade in outdoor environments for further comfort.
  • Make sure the herd is receiving vital nutrients to stay happy and healthy.

If a cow becomes lame, it’s important to decipher what caused it in order to treat the condition properly. Blocking, however, can help regardless of the injury or condition to keep business moving. Because blocking will elevate the injured claw off the ground, it will heal faster and alleviate pain. This makes the cow more comfortable and, therefore, allows farms to maintain optimal production.

There are different adhesives that can be used to adhere the blocks on the claws to increase the cow’s comfort level. Bovi-BondTM, a proprietary two-part polyurethane adhesive, can be used to bond wood or rubber blocks to cow hooves. It has a fast, 30-second set time and strong bond.

It’s important for farmers to be mindful of their cows during the warm seasons to avoid heat stress and provide the proper support to protect and maintain healthy hooves.

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