November 14, 2013

2MT - Tech Question - What Can I do For Thin Soles and Thrush?

Hi Everyone, I thought you might enjoy reading this tech question and answer on thin walls, thrush and sore feet.


I have an 8 year old thoroughbred who ran a lot on the track before I got him.  He gets sore feet a lot, he has thin walls and needs something on his feet year round to keep his feet from breaking off a lot.  I am alternating between cast and shoes.  Would adding Vettec help him?  He also gets thrush really easy and has sore soles if he's bare foot for too long.  How do you keep the foot from getting to thrushy with this stuff covering the whole foot?  - K.R. 


What you may want to look at using is Equi-Pak CS.  When I have horses with thin soles and thin walls, I try to add a support material to their feet.  This will do two things:

1. Stop the downward movement of the sole which is what causes the walls to thin and the foot to fall apart.

2. The added material will stop the sole from exfoliation and this will start helping the sole to thicken. 

If the foot is prepped correctly, the pad will bond to the foot and will not let moisture in.  The Equi-Pak CS will manage the thrush that is already in the foot.  If you live in a wet area, you may need to reset this package at 5 weeks.  The bond will start to come loose around that time.  Get back with us if you have any other questions.  - Tab Pigg