October 04, 2013

2MT - Tech Question - What Can I do About a Split Hoof?


"Hello I have a horse named Gurdy and about 11 years ago, before we got her, she got a splinter stuck in her hoof and it has split down all the way and it looks awful.  We have tried putting horse shoes on her but they just closed it up a little bit.  I was wondering what I could do about it.  Please reply."  - Carly


"Hi Carly, sometimes when the white line has a puncture or an opening in it what can happen is that it fills up with dirt and anything else they step in.  What I have done on some horses is go in and open the hoof wall up.  I usually find an impaction about half way up the hoof.  This is what is causing the split in the wall.  As the hoof grows down, the horn hits the impaction and splits around it.  After the stuff is out of the white line, you can repair the hoof wall if you choose, although you don't have to.  The hoof will grow down and the split should close up in a couple of months.  If the opening is really big, you may think about using a pour in pad material.  This will help hold the sole and take some weight off the hoof wall. I hope that helps!" - Tab Pigg, CJF

Below is a video that shows how to complete a hoof wall repair.