May 03, 2014

Vettec Hands on Clinic at Monetta Farriers

Hi Y'all,

Last Sat I attended a hands on clinic at Monetta Farriers in South Carolina. We had about 50 attendees, which we felt was a great turn out.  The most valuable thing about these hands on clinics is that the attendees can use Vettec products and learn how they work before applying them to a customer's horse.  This helps them to become familiar and comfortable with the materials. 

During the clinic, I went over assessing hoof balance by looking at the shape of the shoe. If the widest part of the foot is close to the heels, the heels of the foot need to be brought back. I also went over moving a foot under the leg with very little trimming of vertical depth. I showed that by trimming the heels, the angle gets better but the bulbs stay the same distance off the ground (it does not lower the bulbs).  After lunch I went over gluing shoes on with Adhere and how to handle the materials in the heat and the cold.

Stayed tuned to find out when the next hands on clinic will be held!

- Tab Pigg, CJF