December 07, 2019

How to Store Your Equi-Pak Cartridges

For Vettec products to work best, they need to be capped and stored correctly. When it comes to preserving the adhesive in a cartridge, there are two things to keep in mind: shelf life and temperature.

What’s the Shelf Life of a Vettec Adhesive?

Answer: One year from its manufacturing date. With this in mind, buy adhesive materials at a farrier or dairy supply store. These stores receive product frequently from the manufacturer, and thus the products have a longer shelf life when you buy them.

Once the Vettec product is in your hands, use it within the year-long shelf life period to ensure the adhesive will flow, stick and stay at its best.

Heat: Why it’s Hard on a Cartridge

Long-term exposure to heat degrades adhesive and shortens its shelf life, so it’s advisable not to leave the cartridges in a hot truck during the workday. The chemicals that make up the product are sensitive to heat and will break down if they endure too much. Once the chemistry is broken down, the material is unusable. A heat-damaged adhesive won’t set properly.

Adhesive Storage Best Practices

To prevent damage to your adhesives, follow these steps after use:

  • Remove the mix tip for storage
  • Take the mix tip off while the pressure is still on the cartridge
  • Release pressure after the mix tip is removed, letting some material spill out
  • Apply the cap that comes with the cartridge package to seal it
  • Store in a cool, room temperature place (65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit is best)

Feel free to use Equi-Pak, Equi-Pak Soft, Equi-Pak CS , Sole Guard, Adhere, SuperFast or Bovi-Bond throughout the day without capping each time—just make sure to store correctly overnight and for more extended periods. Happy pouring, and stay cool (like the storage area for your adhesive)!