June 03, 2014

2MT - Foundered Foot Treated with Adhere, SuperFast and Equi-Pak CS

Recently I attended an open house at Emerson's Horseshoe Supply and they had a pair of wagon horses brought in.  One of the horses was foundered and had very little hoof wall connection with the sole.  

You can see the horse was walking on the sole. I was not sure what I was going to do with this mess without X-rays and did not have any idea how bad the foot was. So we just jumped in and tried to make the hoof look as normal as possible.  We trimmed off all the separation and got the foot as clean as we could and then we dug out all the fishers that could harbor infection. 

There was no way we could nail a shoe on without pressuring the sole.  We used Adhere up against the sensitive part of the foot just to keep the heat down. I did not want the product to get any hotter than necessary so I laid down the Adhere and then built up the ground  surface with SuperFast, which is why it is two toned on the dorsal picture.

Not being from the area, or being familiar with the terrain, I choose to use the Equi-PakICS in the sole because it is soft enough early in the shoeing up and will firm up where I want it to be a few weeks in.
I'd like to thank David Hodges from Mississippi, for helping me with this, he did a great job! 
Thank you all for your time!
- Tab Pigg