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Farrier and Horse Owner Testimonials

“I have a very very flat footed horse with no heels and the Equi-Build works fantastic for her. No more sore feet. Yay! Our farrier doesn't use your product though I have tried to get him to, so I just keep a supply at my place for when he comes. I love it, a friend of mine suggested it when we were out of options and thought we were going to have to stop showing my horse because her feet were so sore. It worked wonders from day one.”

–Natalia de Barons,
Pikeville, NC

“I just have to tell you how my mare who was 18 recuperated from a severe brake in her coffin bone. My vet and farrier worked closely to try and see if we could save her. My farrier used Vettec with a shoe he designed and worked miracles. She is sound and can do anything again. At her age we didn't know how much success if any we would get, but stall rest, wrapping her legs so they didn't swell as she was standing in a large stall, and using your product saved her! I plan to use it when I get back to riding again just to ensure her comfort. I'm just sorry it took me so long to send you my story.”

–Mary Sorrento,
British Columbia, Canada