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Farrier and Horse Owner Testimonials

Hi, Larkin:

Just wanted to thank you very much for coming out to Loomis Basin and putting the Vettec products on my gelding, Wilgo. Jesse Valenzuela suggested we try Vettec on him for endurance. He's a very talented horse, but he's got tiny feet and he's a heavy hitter.

I truly think your product made a significant difference to Wil's performance and comfort level. And that means a lot to me. We took him on the short course at Camp Far West yesterday as a test, and I could tell he was happy and settled and rocky terrain didn't bother him a bit. In fact, I've never seen him enjoy a ride more. We wanted to take our time on the LD, and rode only a bit at speed with him to see how the product performed. Again, totally delighted. George and I rode in with a young horse vet, and we easily bopped in 2nd and 3rd - which is normal for this horse. However,  he actually gaited better at the finish (Karen Hassan was the ride vet and she treats Wil and knows how weird his gait is, so we had an especially watchful and experienced eye on him throughout the ride, which just shows me that your product is helping him). Believe me, I'm sharing with other riders how we're using Vettec.

Again - many thanks! Heidi Smith and George Putnam

"Recently I came across a client who was wanting to try your products on her Eventing/Show Jumping horse who has very tender feet, was just not moving particularly great, and has had issues with the thrush this season, specifically in the white line. (checked for VLD-nonw occurring) I shod him with an eventer unclipped and used Equi-Pak CS and the mesh. When he walked out of the barn it was like he had air ride on his feet; he was used the next day and stepped out so lovely, his canter had impulsion and he was very animated in his gait which had been quite "clunky". I just wanted to say thank-you for your product. I love the instant result I see on all the horses I use it on."


–Jazmine Sweitzer

"I have used your products in several episodes of Animal Cops Houston. I used Super Fast on a mini, and I used Equi-Pak|CS on several sore horses... I've been using your products since they came out. I once showed a 2200lb Percheron at the Oklahoma State Fair with all 4 shoes glued on!... You guys have a great product! Keep up the good work!"

–Steve Wisnieski,
Houston, TX

"I just completed a 25-mile endurance ride in the Texas Hill Country, on very steep, rocky trails. I hoped to get a completion with my barefoot, pot-belly horse (we didn’t ride much at all this summer, too hot!), never dreamed I would finish Top Ten place). Before the ride, we applied a Super Fast shoe and filled with Sole-Guard, and hoped it would get us through the first loop (15 miles) and back to camp where my hubby could touch up any product that got chewed off by the rocks. All four feet looked great at the first vet check, no touch-up needed.

The second loop was 10 miles and we finished that with all four feet still protected by your wonderful products. The very best thing about our ride was how my horse watched his footing carefully, because he thought he was barefoot! No horseshoe nails numbing up his feet! He slowed on the rocks and picked up speed on good footing. Other than walking down the steep drops and some stretches of very uneven rocky trail, we trotted and cantered the whole distance. We didn’t announce that we were going barefoot with Vettec products, but some people saw my hubby applying it at our camp before the ride. Word has spread and I’ve gotten several emails inquiring about the products."

–Cynthia Kovalchuk,
Rosharon, TX

“I LOVE your product and have recommended them to everyone I know! I discovered Vettec while searching for shoe alternatives as I am taking a horse out west and was concerned about the terrain. Please keep up the good work!”

–Sarah Oswald,
Baraboo, WI