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Vettec Technical Question - What Size Product Should I Use?

on Thu, 02/07/2013 - 19:52

Vettec customers often wonder which product size will work best for them.  In the case of Adhere, there are a some things to keep in mind before you decide which size you should buy.  

For instance, if you need to glue on a shoe, pick the 180cc of Adhere!  The 50cc kit does not contain enough material to glue a shoe on.  The 50cc kit was primarily designed to be used for minor hoof wall repairs.  

The great thing about the 50cc kit is that it is all inclusive, including a plunger for dispensing and mixing tip.  There is no need to purchase additional equipment to use the 50cc kit.

Adhere cartridge cut improperly causes problems

on Mon, 02/04/2013 - 18:48

Here are three shots of a cartridge of Adhere that was sent to Vettec rep, Larkin Greene, because the product was not mixing or setting properly.  The pictures show why.  The cartridge was cut with something not very sharp and instead of cutting, it broke off a piece making the black side a larger opening which changes the mix ratio.  These were not cut with nippers but with a knife of some kind, and not cut all the way around the scored line prior to cutting all the way through.

A proper cartridge cut is critical when using Vettec products! 


Meet the Vettec Rep - Kris Kibbey

on Fri, 01/18/2013 - 18:44

Kris Kibbey is one of our "newer" Vettec reps... meaning that he hasn't been working here for decades... yet!!  We hope you enjoy getting to know him a bit better. 

"Hi there, I'm Kris Kibbey!

I was born in Fairbanks Alaska where I lived for about 10 years before moving to central New York where I became involved in the horse world. During my high school years I spent most of my weekends at horse shows around the Northeast and Midwest showing in AQHA and NRHA events, and in 2001 we had a AQHA world champion. I attended college in Texas studying equine business.

Meet the Vettec Reps! - Lynne Myers

on Fri, 12/21/2012 - 18:21

Vettec would like to introduce you to Lynne Myers.  She is a Vettec tech rep and covers the South Eastern states.  In order to understand Lynne a bit better, we asked her to send us a bio and picutre of herself.  We hope you enjoy learning a bit more about the Vettec team!

"I had recently moved to the southeast from Arizona and was in graduate school when Vettec found me six years ago. My educational background is in Animal Science with emphasis on production, genetics and nutrition. College allowed me to expand on my lifelong passion for horses and cattle.

Meet the Vettec Reps! - Tab Pigg

on Fri, 12/21/2012 - 18:13

Tab Pigg is a Vettec Rep that covers the states in the middle of the country.  In order to get to know Tab a bit more, we asked him to write the bio below.  Enjoy!

"I'm Tab Pigg. I live in the small town that I was born and raised in. Living in a small town is more than being part of a community it is being part of a family.  Although I enjoy traveling and meeting new people, nowhere else would be home to me.

Ironically, I got into shoeing horses by mistake. I started out wanting to be a blacksmith.

Meet the Vettec Reps! - Frank Dugan

on Fri, 12/21/2012 - 00:22

Do you know Frank Dugan, Vettec's Director of Sales?  If not, why not take a minute to ready a little bit about him! Enjoy. 

"Hi, I’m Frank Dugan.  I’ve been with Vettec since the very beginning!  I am happy to hold the position of Director of Sales. 

I would describe myself as an avid outdoorsman who enjoys canoeing, fishing in Canada and bird hunting.  When I’m home, I enjoy caring for my “children”, my three dogs and two horses!  Even before I came to work for Vettec, my wife and I had horses and I knew a bit about hoof care.

Horseshoe Barn Clinic - November 2012

on Tue, 11/20/2012 - 19:12
Vettec, Horseshoe Barn, Clinic, farrier, Larkin Greene

The Horseshoe Barn in Sacramento held their annual complementary clinic with Bob Smith and Mike Wildenstein as clinicians.  The first day Bob conducted a guided dissection that allowed over thirty people to participate in a thorough and systematic dissection of the equine forelimb.  Bob is excellent at connecting anatomical terms to form and function.  A farrier who goes through this challenging exercise is a better farrier on the other side.

A Critical Step For Success with Vettec Products

on Fri, 11/16/2012 - 21:56

At Vettec you hear us talk about the importance of drying moisture out of the foot. When we talk about this it is because we want the material to bond to the foot not the moisture in the foot. This step is critical for success.