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Instructions for Adhere 50cc

Application Instructions for Adhere 50cc


  • Vettec products are best used between 65°- 85° F (18°- 29° C).
  • Areas of bleeding, abscesses or severe thrush should not be covered. Once healed, commence using products.
  • Use of disposable gloves is recommended.
  • Do not burn or “Hot Shoe” this product. 
  • Use only Vettec mix tips.
  • This procedure should be performed on a clean, flat work area.


  1. To open, remove the tip of the cartridge (at designated groove) with nippers or knife. Ensure a clean straight cut along groove. 
  2. Slide the red oval finger ring over top of cartridge and seat at cartridge base.
  3. Use the red plunger to squeeze out a small amount of material to ensure both sides are dispensing evenly.
  4. Attach mixing tip by pressing and twisting clockwise.
  5. For additional applications, remove old tip, re-equalize the cartridge, and attach another mix tip.


  1. Trim, rasp, and level hoof as normal. Remove any weak or soft material, especially at the white line area.
  2. Dry hoof thoroughly using a heat gun or hair dryer. Do not overheat.


  1. Trim, rasp, balance, and clean the hoof around the damaged area.
  2. Using a hoof knife or Dremel™ tool, rout out the damaged areas.
  3. Create an undercut on the hoof wall. 
  4. Protect the coronary band with hoof tape or damp gauze.
  5. Clean and thoroughly dry the prepped area per instructions. If wet conditions exist, horse should be stalled overnight with dry bedding. 
  6. Dispense Adhere directly into damaged area over-filling around the repair and onto sound hoof wall. Do not feather or "thin-out" the material around the edges. This will slow the set time and can lead to failure. Cure time 4-6 minutes. 
  7. Rasp to finish. If necessary, fill any voids or holes using Adhere for a cosmetic finish.


  • Areas of wetness, bleeding, or infection should not be covered. Once healed, commence using the product.
  • Adhere can be applied with the shoe on or off, but will bond to the shoe. A coating of oil or petroleum jelly to the top of shoe will prevent this from occurring. Take care not to get any on the area of the hoof being repaired.
  • Adhere may not bond to hooves that have been heavily treated with products containing: oils, grease, pine tar, etc. In these instances, a thorough denatured alcohol scrub and drying should be performed to ensure adhesion.
  • For a large application where heat transfer to the hoof is a concern (above 150 °F), limit the initial layer to ¼ inch. After 3 minutes, apply to the desired level and shape as necessary.

Download Instruction PDF: English

For professional use only. Keep out of reach of children.