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Frequently asked questions - Super Fast

Will it load up my rasp?

No, the repair will rasp just like the hoof.

Can it be nipped?

Yes, it will trim just like the hoof and it won't be brittle like acrylics.

Does it have to be wrapped to cure?

No, Super Fast cures in the presence of air or wrapped.

Do I have to add reinforcing mesh tapes?

No, the material is strong enough without the need for reinforcing tapes.

What should I use to clean the hoof?

Normally, just nip, rasp, knife to good solid hoof structure and dry the hoof thoroughly using a heat gun or hair dryer.

NOTE: Only if hoof is oily, moisten a cloth with denatured alcohol, wipe the area being careful not to saturate, and then dry completely. Do not use acetone!