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Frequently asked questions - Sole Guard

What is Sole-Guard?

Sole-Guard is a fast setting, 30 second, liquid urethane hoof protection material providing a durable, shock absorbent, support that retains its shape and flexibility indefinitely. Sole-Guard is designed for use without shoes and adheres to the sole sealing out moisture and debris, protecting both the frog and the sole. Once removed Sole-Guard will leave the sole in excellent condition.
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When should I use Sole-Guard?

Sole-Guard is perfect for providing protection for horses without shoes when riding rough terrain, horses transitioning from shoes to bare feet and for late term broodmares who need that extra support.

How long does it take Sole-Guard to set?

Sole-Guard has an initial set time of 30 seconds with a final cure around 5-6 minutes.

How do I remove Sole-Guard from the foot?

You can remove Sole-Guard from the foot by using a hoof pick, or a pair of pull-offs. As the sole grows and exfoliates, the material will loosen up after several weeks.

Can Sole-Guard be filled to ground level?

Sole-Guard should be filled to ground level but not above that point. If filled above ground level, the horse is likely to "catch" the material at the toe and pull it out.  Most often you will want to fill to the white line.