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Frequently asked questions - Sil-Pak

What is Sil-Pak?

Sil-Pak is a fast setting, high-grade liquid silicone dispensed under an equine pad in order to completely fill all airspace and provide cushion. Click here for product introduction video.

How long does it take Sil-Pak to set?

Sil-Pak sets in one minute at between 65°F and 85°F. Warmer temperatures may speed up set time. Cooler temperatures may slow set time.

Does Sil-Pak bond to the foot?

Sil-Pak does not bond to the foot, and when used with a hospital plate, is removable for treatment.

Will Sil-Pak migrate or come out?

No, though it does not bond to the foot like Equi-Pak, Sil-Pak flows into every contour of the foot. This prevents it from moving around and being displaced under the horse’s weight.

Does Sil-Pak get hot?

Sil-Pak generates almost no heat.