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Frequently asked questions - Equi-Pak & Equi-Pak|Soft

Can the material be loaded to ground level?

Yes. After the shoe is nailed on, simply dry the sole and place a foam board over the shoe and dispense the material at the heels, and fill it up to the heels or bulbs.

NOTE: Equi-Pak & Equi-Pak|Soft Hoof Packing will adhere to leather and rubber pads, as well as some types of polyethylene pads.

Will the material change shape after time?

No, once Equi-Pak & Equi-Pak|Soft sets it stays the same shape until removed.

Does Equi-Pak / EP|Soft generate any heat?

Yes, a very small amount.

HINT: In extremely hot conditions it's best to cool the material before dispensing, as it may go off hotter than normal.

Equi-Pak & Equi-Pak|Soft Application Photos

Support and protection only where you want it. Block out areas where support is not desired such as abscesses and other areas of concern.Filled to ground level, Equi-Pak provides full support for weak, thin soled and sensitive feet.Equi-Pak provides temporary support and comfort for laminitic and foundered cases until x-rays can be taken.Equi-Pak can be used in a thin layer to provide protection against stone bruises in rough riding conditions with or without a pad.