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Frequently asked questions - Equi-Pak & Equi-Pak|Soft

What is the purpose of Equi-Pak & Equi-Pak|Soft?

To prevent sore feet or to comfort a sore-footed horse.
Click here to view application video.

Do I have to use a pad with this material?

For therapeutic or lameness cases you can fill to ground level. For animals in work a pad is strongly recommended. 

How do I use it without a pad?

After the shoe is nailed on, scrub the sole with denatured alcohol and dry thoroughly. Apply Equi-Pak or Equi-Pak|Soft onto the sole, hold the hoof for 30 seconds and release.

NOTE: If wet conditions are expected, tack on a piece of Equi-Mesh as added insurance. 

Does Equi-Pak / EP|Soft leaves a "Cheesy Sole " like silicone?

No, the sole is left in great condition. It pares out beautifully.

Does Equi-Pak / EP|Soft absorb shock better than silicone?

Yes. Silicone simply transfers shock up the leg while Equi-Pak displaces it.