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Frequently asked questions - Equi-PakICS

Should I dry the foot before application of Equi-Pak|CS?

Absolutely, you should always dry the foot before application of either the regular Equi-Pak or the new Equi-Pak|CS.

Does Equi-Pak|CS provide the same support as the regular EP?

Equi-Pak|CS sets up a bit softer than the regular Equi-Pak but will provide support for thin soled, sensitive feet.

Equi-Pak|CS Application Photos

Applied like Equi-Pak, Equi-Pak|CS, infused with copper sulfate, can be used on most cases of thrush and during the wet seasons to prevent thrush.Providing a complete seal, Equi-Pak|CS eliminates the need to pick out the feet and medicate on a daily basis. EPCS is extremely durable and adheres to the sole.Normal hoof after 6 weeks and 1st treatment of Equi-Pak|CS. Note firm, dry frog area.Same hoof after trim.  Note apparent elimination of thrush in commissures and cleft of frog.