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Frequently asked questions - Equi-PakICS

What is Equi-Pak|CS?

Equi-Pak|CS is our popular Equi-Pak infused with Copper Sulfate used in the treatment of thrush.
Click here for product introduction video.

When should I use Equi-Pak|CS?

Equi-Pak|CS can be used on most cases of thrush and at the white line where you have stretching and bacteria present.

Does it set differently than the regular Equi-Pak?

Equi-Pak|CS takes a bit longer to set, 45-60 seconds. As always, temperature plays a part in set times.  The material will set faster in hotter climates and take longer when it is cold. Please refer to the application directions for hot and cold weather suggestions.

When should I not use Equi-Pak|CS?

Do not cover up thrush cases where you have any bleeding or there is the presence of white necrotic tissue.

How do I prepare the sole for application of Equi-Pak|CS?

Sole and frog prep should be the same as usual. Trim and conservatively pare out the sole. Remove any thrush and bacteria areas with hoof knife and conservatively trim the frog to remove any thrush.  For working horses, the use of Vettec Mesh with the shoe is recommended.