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Frequently asked questions - Adhere

What is the purpose of Adhere?

Adhere is a multi-purpose hoof wall restorative and adhesive to glue on clipped aluminum, steel, and polyurethane horseshoes. It is formulated to be as close to the natural texture and flexibility of hoof wall as possible. It rasps, nips, nails, and allows clenching, just like the hoof. Click here for product introduction video.

What should I use to clean the hoof?

Normally, just rasp, brush, and dry the hoof thoroughly using a heat gun or hair dryer.

NOTE: Only if hoof is oily, moisten a cloth with denatured alcohol, wipe the area being careful not to saturate, and then dry completely. Do not use acetone!

How long does Adhere take to set?

Adhere has a set and a cure time. The set time is approximately 1 minute and it becomes weight bearing at approximately 3 1/2 to 4 minutes. The cure time from application is a total of 8 minutes.

Can I hot shoe with Adhere?

No, Adhere is a urethane plastic and CANNOT be used for hot shoeing.