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Vettec Technical Question - Will Super Fast work for me?

on Mon, 02/11/2013 - 22:34



I was wondering if and how Super Fast might be used and successfully applied to the sole and wall in the toe region? The case is one of a horse that has had slippered front toes with insufficient toe depth.


Hi there, without seeing pictures, we can only give you general recommendations regarding the parameters of our materials.   If you are talking about slippered front toes, then I'm assuming you are dealing with laminitis and/or founder.  The toe is long (or was) and the hoof wall has pressure ridges that are closer together at the toes and wider apart at the heels?  The sole is flat with bruising?  If this situation has not progressed too far, simple trimming can reverse it, otherwise you're best to have a team that includes a competent farrier and veterinarian.

Super Fast is used quite regularly for this type of situation.  It is a polyurethane with a paste like consistency dispensed directly on the foot where needed.  It sets in 30 seconds but is not weight bearing for 2.5 minutes.  Super Fast is great for building a custom shoe right on the foot that creates the amount of depth needed for pad material support on flat soled feet.  It can be made to mimic the dimensions of a regular shoe for that particular foot, or can create a wide webbed shoe to increase ground support though you must be careful about encroaching too far into the sole area, especially if there is bruising.  The use of Super Fast as a support shoe also allows you to hold a weak walled foot together by adding a bead up onto the hoof wall to connect to the layer built on the bottom.  To ease break-over, you can roll the toe or the entire perimeter of the Super Fast shoe with a rasp.  Add material to existing material as it wears.  Super Fast shoes can last (stay bonded) up to 8-10 weeks in a dry environment, but in your case, you'll want to address those feet every two to four weeks.  The material will wear significantly on an active horse in a few weeks; again, simply add to wear areas after cleaning existing material with a light rasping.

Typically, the Super Fast shoe is used in conjunction with one of our pour-in pad materials (Equi-Pak, Equi-Pak CS, Equi-Pak Soft).  Click HERE to see a few videos that show these types of applications.  We hope this helps.  Feel free to ask further questions.  


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Will this help with sand cracks also