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Vettec Adhesives Day at Bob Smith's PCHS

on Mon, 05/13/2013 - 20:57

Students at Bob Smith's Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School take part in an Adhesives Day led by Vettec's Larkin Greene.  Bob recently invested in the Blacksmith Buddy, a working artificial equine leg with replaceable hoof capsules, developed by Southern California farrier Wes Champagne.  The device is an anatomically correct and articulating horse leg for training farriers, veterinarians, and blacksmiths.  Replaceable hoof capsules are attached to the leg via a quick connect/release device and can be nipped, nailed, rasped, and glued several times.  While farrier students typically get under horses the first week of school, Bob feels this device helps them gain confidence in their skills before working on the real thing.  It's an excellent training tool for anyone wanting to learn farriery.  For more info, check out