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Vettec’s Sole-Guard Helps Horses Comfortably Transition to Unshod

on Mon, 03/30/2015 - 22:47

As horses enter breeding season this spring, pregnant mares become less active while bearing extra weight from pregnancy. Tab Pigg, Vettec’s Farrier-at-Large, recommends that farriers and horse owners remove horseshoes during pregnancy and use pour-in pad materials during the time period without shoes. Vettec’s Sole-Guard product helps serve as a transitional material when going from shod to unshod hooves by providing extra support as the hooves acclimate to barefoot.

Sole-Guard is a fast-setting, liquid urethane pour-in pad material providing durable support that retains its shape and flexibility indefinitely. It is designed for use without shoes and adheres to the sole sealing out moisture and debris, protecting both the frog and the sole. Sole-Guard stays bonded to the feet for 2-3 weeks when applied properly.

“In comparison to humans, pregnancy for horses is like balancing all of a body’s weight on only fingernails.” Pigg adds. “Using a pour-in pad material like Vettec’s Sole-Guard, is a great way to acclimate horses from shod to unshod at any time of the year, but especially during pregnancy.”

Sole-Guard is frequently used on late-term broodmares to give them extra support. According to Pigg, pregnant mares are almost always left unshod because they are not as active during pregnancy, and because of the extra weight they are bearing. Using this pour-in-pad material can also help prevent stone bruising. Sole-Guard leaves the sole in excellent condition once removed.

Vettec’s Super-Fast can also be applied with Sole-Guard to help provide more support to pregnant mares as a “temporary shoe”. Super-Fast is a durable, fast- and hard-setting, urethane formula that is ideal for making custom shoes directly on the foot when nailing is not an option. This product also allows farriers or horse owners to make small hoof repairs quickly and easily.

Click here to see videos about how to apply Sole-Guard and Super-Fast.