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Tips for Horse Care - Summer Survival

on Fri, 05/24/2013 - 20:58

As summer approaches, we must think about how the hot weather can affect horses as they stand in the sun.  Horses need extra attention during the summer months to keep them healthy and happy.  We put together a list of reminders that will help you keep your horses comfortable this month. 

  • Avoid sunburns by applying sunscreen to your horse, especially around the nose and muzzle. (Horses with white markings burn easier than others, so pay careful attention to these areas).  You can use your own sunscreen, just make sure it has a high UV protection rating. 
  • Make sure there is shady areas that your horse can escape to.  If there are no trees, a run-in shed is helpful.
  • Schedule your farrier more frequently if you notice her feet splitting due to the dry weather. 
  • Don't forget to deworm even during summer months. 
  • Keep her mane and tail free so that she can swish away flies.
  • Check the trough every day to make sure she has sufficient water.
  • Put electrolytes into her water to encourage drinking.
  • Give her a quick shower a few times a week with the hose.  This will wash the sweat and dirt off her body which will help keep flies at bay.
  • Wipe her eyes with a damp sponge everyday and put a fly mask on during the day.
  • Use Roll-On fly repellent around her eyes.

Most of all, enjoy your horses this summer and spend lots of time bonding in the warm air!