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Sweet River Equine Clinic with Vettec

on Mon, 11/14/2016 - 20:42
Attendees at the Sweet River Equine Clinic were able to asses a hoof condition and decide on the best course of action.
Equi-Pak Soft is used with an aluminum shoe to provide protection and support.

Dr. Dan Sweet of Sweet River Equine Clinic in Modesto, California hosted his annual clinic to bring vets and farriers together to share knowledge and experience.  This year’s guest speaker/clinician was Dr. Raul Bras, an equine veterinarian and certified journeyman farrier from Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital in Kentucky.  Dr. Bras is part of the Podiatry Group at the hospital and has successfully treated many high dollar horses, and chronic cases.  Topics included Hi-Lo Syndrome, Angular deformities, Low Heel Conformation, and Navicular Syndrome.  After morning lectures, attendees were able to put theory into practice on a live horse with classic low heel conformation.  X-rays were taken; the group discussed options and decided on a course of action.  It was carried out with post treatment x-ray analysis that showed definite improvement.  The package involved an slightly wedged aluminum bar shoe with built in mechanics to provide support and protection while easing break-over.  The finished shoe was filled with Equi-Pak Soft to provide comfort and keep debris out.