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Super Fast Extension Helps Correct Uneven Weight Bearing

on Thu, 05/12/2016 - 21:44
This pictures shows the foal before it's trim and the Super Fast fix.
This shows the second layer of Super Fast used to make an extension.
The foal has a better weight bearing surface after a trim and a Super Fast extension.

This is an 8wk old quarter horse with a valgus angular deviation at the knee and a slightly varus fetlock. The medial plates are growing faster than the lateral which is pushing the leg toward the lateral side, causing abnormal weight bearing on the medial heel. We applied a medial Super Fast extension. Learned something important on this one. The vet asked if we poured alcohol on the Super Fast surface if it would dissipate heat faster...did a quick bench test and it almost immediately reduced the exotherm by 8-10 degrees (we had a meter). We did this on the foot after the Super Fast set for 1 minute. Seems like this might be a viable method when heat is a middle of summer or on sensitive areas.