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Promote Heel Growth & Help Sore Feet with Vettec

on Fri, 04/22/2016 - 22:10

We have recently had some questions on how Vettec products could help with sore feet due to low heels and how to promote heel growth. 

We have had quite a bit of success with this situation but, of course, there are several ways to get a foot back.  One way would be to trim off as much bent heel as possible, then add foot back with Adhere by applying a bead from the heel to the toe quarter and build heel height and correct angle.  (See picture) Once this is done, you can simply apply a regular shoe.  However, you must support the bottom of the foot as well.  Equi-Pak pour-in pad material would be great for support and stimulation of blood circulation.  A wedged shoe or pad combo often just perpetuates the crushing of the heels.  It is better to try to fix the foot itself rather than trying to use a mechanical device to do it.  The important thing to remember is that you should not elevate the foot without something underneath it for support. 



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I have a 10 yo mare rt front is almost club and lf front has low heel. How can I encourage heel growth?  She is in regular shoes and my farrier just keeps the toes short.  He says that is all that can be done.  As she is growing out she starts to jab with toes and short stride. 

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Hi Susan

What you are dealing with is what some call a Hi Lo horse or a limb length disparity. The upright foot is on the side of the horse where the limb is shorter and the low foot is bearing more of the weight. This is why the heels on the low foot are crushing. 

For a better explanation of this look up Dr. Esco Buff’s Limb Length Disparity. He has a lot of studies and documentation on this very thing. I’m sure that in his writings he will give you some options to try that will level the horse out and will help with the stride.