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Optimal Storage Conditions for Vettec Products

on Wed, 07/12/2017 - 23:04

Vettec products work best when the temperature of the material is between 60-80° F. The outside ambient temperature is not as critical as the temperature of the material itself.

Vettec materials should be kept in a temperature consistent environment until ready to be used. Keeping them in a vehicle all day can cause the material to be either too hot or too cold when it’s time to use it. Long term storage in a vehicle where the material is repeatedly subjected to temperature changes will not only affect performance, it will also negatively affect the shelf life. When the material is too cold it will be difficult to dispense and set times will be increased. When the material is too hot it will set up much faster and often affect the bonding quality.

Ideal storage for the products is in a cool, dry, temperature controlled area.  One suggestion is that hoof care professionals only bring the amount of product they will be using for the day.

On hot days, using the products first thing in the morning is suggested.  Putting materials in the cab of the vehicle out of the direct sun is a good way to keep the material from getting too hot. Tubes can also be placed in a small cooler with ice packs to help keep them from heating up. 

On cold days, the products should be kept the same way, in the cab of the vehicle, and used before it has a chance to get cold. The tubes can be placed on the dash or floor boards to be warmed up by the heater or defroster in the vehicle. The product is warm enough for use if the air bubble in the material moves freely when turning the cartridge upside down.