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Meet the Vettec Reps! - Lynne Myers

on Fri, 12/21/2012 - 18:21

Vettec would like to introduce you to Lynne Myers.  She is a Vettec tech rep and covers the South Eastern states.  In order to understand Lynne a bit better, we asked her to send us a bio and picutre of herself.  We hope you enjoy learning a bit more about the Vettec team!

"I had recently moved to the southeast from Arizona and was in graduate school when Vettec found me six years ago. My educational background is in Animal Science with emphasis on production, genetics and nutrition. College allowed me to expand on my lifelong passion for horses and cattle. I spent countless hours at the barn or dairy and loved every minute of it. I owned and rode horses while living on a ranch with Hereford cattle and managed a family owned business.  I also raised, bred, exhibited and judged champion German Shepherd Dogs for many years.  My job with Vettec allows me to meet new people, help them with all aspects of hoof care and be up close and personal with horses and dairy cattle. In my spare time I enjoy gun collecting, target shooting, hiking and riding my Harley. On any given day I can go to work knowing I’m going to get dirty and like it. How cool is that?"