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Meet the Vettec Reps! - Larkin Greene

on Fri, 12/21/2012 - 18:16

If you haven't met Larkin Greene, you will want to take a minute to read his brief bio below.  We hope you enjoy "meeting" our tech reps!

"For those who I haven’t had a chance to meet, I’m Larkin Greene.  I joined the Vettec side of the company in 2001 after thirteen years with our dental division where I held various positions such as Sales Rep, Company Trainer, and Regional Manager.  Prior to working in dental, I managed several ranch supply stores in West Sacramento and Petaluma, California.  The background experience working in ranch supply stores helped greatly with my transition into the Vettec world.

To give you a bit of my personal background, I graduated from Sacramento State University with a BA in Vocational Education.  I enjoy the outdoors and have been a Boys Scout leader for the past 8 years. Spending time with my family is critical for me, in fact, it is my favorite pastime.  Australian Sheppard dogs are my favorite dog breed; they are smart, loyal and beautiful.  I’ve had an Aussie nearly my entire life and wouldn’t change that for anything.

With Vettec, I hold the position of the Western States Sales manager.  My territory encompasses the entire North American West Coast, as well as Alaska, Hawaii and Japan.  I also take care of the states from Montana to Arizona, as well as most of the central provinces in Canada.  This amount of territory keeps me pretty busy!  However, I’m never too busy to answer technical questions, or make an appointment to come out and work with you so that you can become familiar with Vettec products. Working at Vettec has allowed me to learn a great deal about Hoofcare and equine health.  I’ve also had the opportunity to meet many wonderful people through my work.  I enjoy working for Vettec very much. "