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Meet the Vettec Reps! - Frank Dugan

on Fri, 12/21/2012 - 00:22

Do you know Frank Dugan, Vettec's Director of Sales?  If not, why not take a minute to ready a little bit about him! Enjoy. 

"Hi, I’m Frank Dugan.  I’ve been with Vettec since the very beginning!  I am happy to hold the position of Director of Sales. 

I would describe myself as an avid outdoorsman who enjoys canoeing, fishing in Canada and bird hunting.  When I’m home, I enjoy caring for my “children”, my three dogs and two horses!  Even before I came to work for Vettec, my wife and I had horses and I knew a bit about hoof care.  This background knowledge made my transition to the Equine world fairly seamless.

My position at Vettec ensures a lot of travel and I’ve had the opportunity to see many places and meet many great people around the world.  Often times I can be found attending and participating in hoof care clinics, where I am able to help work on various hoof care case studies.  Seeing a lame horse walk off completely sound is one of the truly gratifying parts of my job.  It is a true blessing to be involved with a product line that helps lame and competitive horses as much as Vettec products do. Educating farriers, vets and horse owners as well as working with our great team at Vettec, makes it a pleasure to go to work every morning.

I welcome technical questions about our product line any time.  Please feel free to email me at:"