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How Can Crushed Heels be Fixed?

on Mon, 03/25/2013 - 18:29

Here is a recent conversation I had regarding crushed heels.  

Q: What could I do different to my horse's hooves with crushed heels? His hooves roll under due to improper hoof care in his past. My farrier has been working on him and I have him on Biotin, but nothing seems to be working.

A: In a situation like this you really have to be aggressive when you trim the heels. It's hard to get some farriers to do it, but it has to be trimmed back where the horn starts to bend and run under, (You should be able to see the bend).  This has to be kept up maybe on a shorter trimming cycle. You don't have take a lot off the bottom just keep bring the heels back.

Once the foot does this for a long time, it is really hard to retrain the horn to grow in a strait line. As for the Biotin, I would find a well rounded supplement, not just Biotin. It alone really does no good, it needs other minerals and vitamins to work.




Maria Baverstock's picture

This Vettec video on under-run heels is the best I have seen. Unfortunately, for some horses it may be too late. I have a mare who was badly neglected in the past, we improved her somewhat but her heels just creep forward. I have only realised the importance of what this video is saying a few months ago. The mare has been with me for five years and I was far too conservative with her heels, and so was my trimmer and my farrier. She was in shoes for a bit but the farrier was just shoeing over the crushed heels. He is a good farrier but I think the understanding about the balance which is shown in this video is just not out there, maybe it isn't part of the training in some colleges. My farrier is very good but he, like everybody else, didn't appreciate the importance of taking those heels back. I have to do it once a week with my mare and I am keeping her in Softride boots which have graduated gel pads in them. Maybe if she improves further, we will try shoes with some of the Vettec products, something that would work similarly to the Softride boots which is the only footware so far which allows her to land heel first. If you can suggest which product you would recommend, I would be very interested.