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Can I use Sole-Guard on a foot healing from abscesses?

on Thu, 09/11/2014 - 22:35

Below is a recent tech question and answer that we thought we'd share with you!


Can you use Sole-Guard on a foot that's healing from several abscesses?  They have drained but are open into the hoof.  My horse  has foundered and now needs sole protection.  I don't want to put shoes on him.



Great question!  Normally we would caution against this type of application.  If the abscesses are totally dried then you could give it a try.   However, we would suggest that you plug the holes in the sole with some type of medicated cotton or a dab of Magic Cushion (but don't get any on the sole).

Sole-Guard is used as a protective layer, not a cushion material, so if your horse is tender on the rest of the sole, we would advise not to use it.  Instead you could employ a boot or glue on boot and fill the sole with Equi-Pak Soft which would do a great job.