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The Benefits of using Adhere

on Mon, 08/27/2012 - 20:42
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One of the materials that Vettec manufactures is Adhere.  This product is a fast-setting urethane adhesive designed to bond steel, aluminum and urethane shoes to the hoof and to fabricate large and small hoof wall repairs.

It can be used as an adhesive for gluing on shoes, but is also great for hoof wall repairs.  Adhere sets firm but retains flexibility so that it moves with the natural movement of the hoofwall.    Recently, we had a farrier, Marc Setzer, contact us about Adhere.  He was familiar many of our products already, but hadn't had much experience with Adhere.   We decided to get

Second day of Tevis Cup 2012 - Vettec Hoof Care

on Wed, 08/15/2012 - 18:59
Tevis Cup, horse riding, endurance race, Vettec, Robie Park, farrier, hoof care, horse, Foresthill, Vet-check, instant pad materials

The 2nd day of Tevis Cup 2012 was the day everyone had been waiting for, time to RACE!  Riders arrived the start of the race, Robie Park, anywhere from one week to  one day prior to the start of the race.   5am on Saturday, Aug. 4th was the start of the race. Riders would have to complete the race (100 miles in 24 hours) by 5am Sunday morning in order to finish the event.  The riders started in the dark, and ended in the dark!  But when the sun came up, the weather was clear and hot.  It ranged from the mid 80's to mid 90's throughout day light hours.  

After the race began, support crews

First Day of Tevis Cup 2012 - Vettec Hoof Care

on Tue, 08/14/2012 - 19:03
Vettec, Tevis Cup, Larkin Greene, Frank Dugan, hoof care, farrier

Tevis Cup 2012 was a wonderful event. Larkin Greene, Frank Dugan, and Frank Rovelli of Vettec attended, they set  up a booth space and socialized with riders on Friday during the Vet In and Vendor Day.  

Later in the day, Larkin and Frank Dugan were able to provide hoofcare to many riders and their horses by applying Vettec packages to the horses feet.  Several riders were using Easy Boots or Renegade Boots, which our guys glued on with Adhere.     In the past, Sole-Guard was used mainly as an instant pad, and a layer of protection for a barefoot horse.  But Sole-Guard isn't only for the