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September 2013

2MT - Case Study - Super Fast Used to Correct Limb Deformities

on Wed, 09/11/2013 - 19:44
High on the heel and contracted tendons cause this foot to turn outwards.
I built up the inside of the toe with Superfast to even him out.
This shows the foot after I worked on it, the lateral extension helped move the foot under the leg.

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share another case study with you all.  This one deals with a 5 month old colt who had a lot of leg deformities.  He had contracted tendons and was back in the knees due to over feeding his mother while she was carrying him.  He was also high on the outside heel and that was turning it outward.

When I was called out to work on him, I knew that I needed to raise the inside of the toe to even out the height difference.  So I used Super Fast to build the toe up on the inside.  Then I built in a toe wedge in order to try to pull the deep flexor down the leg.  He had clubbed feet as well and  the vet was trying to avoid surgery.  I did what I could to help.