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Tab Pigg began his career shoeing horses in 1983. As a Certified Journeyman Farrier, he has shod all types of horses from everyday ranch horses, to athletic event horses. He’s worked on countless therapeutic cases, gaining valuable experience and increasing his knowledge of hoof care with each case.

Tab held various positions in the Texas Professional Farriers Association and became their president in 2000. He served as an AFA examiner for 16 years and has competed in many forging and shoeing competitions. Tab has worked for Vettec as a technical specialist for the last 8 years.

Shoeing and helping horses is much more than a paycheck to Tab, knowing he has the ability to improve their quality of life, is what is most important to him.


2 Minutes with Tab Blog

Episode 7, V4 - Two Minutes With Tab - Sole-Guard Combo Application

on Thu, 12/11/2014 - 00:05

Hi Y'all,

Many people choose to have their horse barefoot, however, they realize the foot still needs comfort and support.  If you want to use Sole-Guard as a barefoot application to protect the foot, but are concerned about thrush or providing comfort to the frog area, then consider using Equi-Pak or Equi-Pak CS first and then covering it with Sole-Guard.  

Check out how to create this package by watching my latest 2MT video clip below. 

Thank you,

Tab Pigg, CJF

Episode 6, V4 - Two Minutes With Tab - Heel Angle Fix

on Sat, 11/08/2014 - 00:20

Hi Everyone,

This horse has under run heels which is changing the way it bears weight and causing it to be unbalanced.  In this episode of 2MT, we trim the bent walls, match the angles with Super Fast and provide heel support with Equi-Build to help provide protection and support.  

I hope you enjoy watching. 

Tab Pigg, CJF

Episode 5, V4 - Two Minutes With Tab - Equi-Pak Full Support

on Mon, 10/06/2014 - 22:30

Equi-Pak is an excellent pad material choice for comfort and support on the trail. This 2MT segment shows how to use a foam board to fill the Equi-Pak to ground level when full support is needed.

Enjoy watching!

Episode 4, V4 - Two Minutes With Tab - Step Fill Technique

on Thu, 09/11/2014 - 20:50

This video shows how to create a step fill technique hoof package.  For this application, we use a partial foam board in the toe area to block it out.  We then use Equi-Pak to fill the sole.  The Equi-Pak will flow under the foam board in the toe creating a thin layer of support and will fill the heel area to ground level creating full heel support.  This is a good package when you want heel support but have a thin soled horse that cannot take full ground pressure in the toe. 

I hope you enjoy watching.